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The Upper & Lower Canadienne Institute of Gianthropological Studies is the production centre for epic projects, a think tank where data coming from the Observatory gets institutionalized.

Unaided by an army of underpaid sycophantic research assistants, Professor Robideau generates all his own hypotheses in the spacious confines of the Marshall McLuhan Memorial Ivory Tower atop the Upper & Lower Canadienne Institute  of Gianthropological Studies Virtual Building. Despite hundreds of thankless hours of postulation, Professor Robideau still finds time to mow the Institute’s virtual lawn, prepare Exhibitions, print Publications, make Movies and run a daily 15 minute muffler clinic.

The Institute maintains a vast research library behind an old coal chute, accessible 24/7/365 through the on line Bibliography.

The Upper & Lower Canadienne Institute Of Gianthropological Studies




A catalogue of publications, portfolios, pamphlets and postartistamps as well as an extensive bibliography.

A listing of past and present exhibitions, both solo and group shows over the past forty years.

Gianthropology hits the silver screen in a big way.

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