Gianthropology ~ The Formative Years

Professor Robideau's high school years are presented here as a retrospective triptych of photo montages from each year he spent earning his P.H.D. (Pasmona High Diploma), the credential that legitimized Gianthropology.

Professor Robideau was 17 when he received his PHD.

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1946 Childhood In Nouvelle Angleterre

1956 Growing Up In San Luis Nabisco

1961 The Formative Years In San Pasmona

1965 Steamboat College at Giant Oxfords

1969 Institution Of Gianthropology

1973 Pancanadienne Gianthropological Survey

1990 International Recognition

1962 ~ The Math & Science Whizz

Rancho San Pasmona High School opened in 1961 with the suburban rush of America's working class. Everything was new at Pasmona High and during the 1961-1962 school year Henri Robideau founded many student clubs including the Math Club, Science Club and Microscope Club. It was in the Microscope Club that he first considered the idea of making small things large while examining highly magnified sperm samples collected after class by club volunteers.

1963 ~ The Paramount Ruler

During his second year at San Pasmona High School, Henri Robideau was forced to curb his club creating obsession. Even so, by the end of 1963 he had added the Flagpole Club, The Giant "P" Club, the Graph Paper Club, the Appendectomy Club and the Giant Slide Rule Club to his list. Henri Robideau, Paramount Ruler of the Slide Rule Club, led his team of analog digititians to the 1963 US Slide Rule Championship.

1964 ~ Big Man On Campus

Henri Robideau's last year at Pasmona High marked the most ambitious project of his teenage life- a forty foot tall Giant Titan installed atop the school. Controversy swirled around the Giant Titan when narrow minded witless villagers couldn’t accept his original plan for the Titan holding the letter "P." Robideau saved the day by redesigning the statue holding the letter "T" for Titans instead.


One of the leading intellectuals of his era, professor Robideau not only invented Gianthropology but developed the special Pancanadienne Panoramic technique necessary for reducing Giant Things onto 35mm film– no small task! Here’s a brief outline of Professor Robideau’s exciting career. Currently featured are his Formative Years. More biographical information will be added as it is cooked up.